It's hard to believe how far she's come in just six months time.

Shelby doing her thing with the sheep

September 17, 2011 – present

Shelby also came from Omorrow German Shepherds in Butler, OH. She is my princess, and she knows it. What can I say about my Doodle Bug other than I love her to freaking pieces? And in my opinion, there’s no better way to determine how much you love someone than to see how much he/she annoys you. Well, Shelby drives me nuts.

Shelby is distinctly “my” dog. She loves Joe, but I’m far and away her favorite person on earth. Shelby taught me all about positive reinforcement training. She has been in training since she was ten weeks old. She has also taught me that too much training may just be what it sounds like – too much.

She’s high strung, hyper-vigilant, incredibly soft and a born tending dog. When she’s working sheep the rest of the world disappears, which is why we use it as a rehabilitation method to help work out some of the stress that my botched training has caused for her.

As she matures, she mellows. But at just about a year and a half now, she’s taught me a lot about patience. I’m a better, more coherent trainer because of her. I’m also a better housemate. If we’d never gotten Shelby I don’t know if Joe would have ever proposed. Shelby put our relationship to the test, and we withstood everything she thought to throw at us. As an added bonus, her relentless energy is also helping me get into shape so I can fit into that perfect wedding dress.

Shelby is my heart and soul. She’s my first fully clicker trained dog, and she’s on her way to becoming a rarity in herding – a tending dog trained without the use of force. What can I say? She’s sort of a rockstar.

Quick stats on Shelby (a/k/a “Doodle” or “Doodle Bug”) to help you navigate this blog:

1. Born 9/17/11

2. Came from a breeder

3. First fully clicker trained dog

4. Trains in tending, a form of herding

5. Trained by Petsmart (10-22 weeks), Dog Training Club of Chester County (4-6 months), Carolyn Wilki (6 months – present)

6. Afraid of strangers (but getting better!)

7. Adores other dogs

8. Unofficial neighborhood pest control warden


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