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I know, I know, I’ve been there, done that. This is my space, deal with it.

Finding an apartment is a miserable, hateful, awful, disgusting, intolerable, nerve wracking, expensive, time consuming, nail biting kind of a thing. In short – it sucks.

I’m sure it sucks for most people. I mean who really wants to spend $1100 a month on a 650 square foot space? You’re never going to see that money again. You’re not putting it into anything, you’re not getting equity, you’re not building a future. You’re spending $13,200 a year on hole in the wall, and you’re never getting it back. Bye bye money.

But on top of that, there are ridiculous rules at apartment complexes. Ridiculous. I mean, I went to look at an apartment yesterday that had a washer and dryer in it (yey!). Problem was, the washer and dryer took up half of the bedroom closet and the “linen” closet in the hall was about the size of a high schooler’s locker. Oh yeah, and it had a huge pipe running through the back of it.

Now, I may not have a couch, but I do have boxes and boxes of books and art supplies and printer paper and extra cartridges and filters and Savage paper and backdrops and lights and the list goes on. I need a place where I can put these things since the bedroom is only big enough for my bed and a dresser – maybe. So I asked if I could install some shelving. That’s a big no no. What if I want to hang a picture? Well, I better use that stick on tape that can come off. No holes are to go into the walls. None. Uh…what? But there’s no space for IKEA stand alone shelves either, as if I could afford it after the amount of money they’re trying to charge me in rent.

Which leads me to my next problem. Pet policies. I’d kind of gotten to the point where I was like, you know what, I’m not going to be able to foster a pit bull or a German shepherd or any of the bigger, bulkier breeds that I like, but that’s okay, because I know a lot of great little dogs that need to de-stress from shelter life anyway. In particular, there’s about a 12 pound poodly mix at PSPCA right now who is so stressed out he started to chew off his own tail. Shelter hospital stepped in and amputated what was left so short he couldn’t get at it. But all he really does is try. That dog needs an $1100 a month hole in the wall. I wanted to provide it.

Satisfied with my new mission, I set off to revisit some apartment complexes I’d nixed after they’d snubbed me about pits and shepherds. I was astounded at what they had to say.

I sat down in the leasing office and asked the woman there what their pet policy was. She pulled out a little piece of paper hidden under the mat on her desk and on it were a list of breeds with pictures. I scanned it quickly and tried not to roll my eyes. Akita, Chow Chow, Shepherd, Dalmatian, American Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Terrier, Bull Dog, etc. etc. And at the very bottom – wolf. (Side note: I know people have wolf hybrids, but seriously? Who wants to move into a 645 square foot apartment with a wolf hybrid? I don’t like BSL but that one, that one is acceptable.)

Anyway, she points to the list and says, “None of these doggies are permitted.” Okay, yeah, I figured, “And nothing mixed with any of these doggies.” Also, kind of guessed.

Well, I asked her, I’m very active in rescue and shelter work, and I like to foster. I would like to foster a small dog, he’s under 20 pounds, he’s a little mutt, a little poodly thing.

She looked at me very seriously and said, “We have to have papers proving what he is.”

Excuse me? What? I said, well, can I show you a picture? She said no, we are not dog experts, we must have paperwork proving he isn’t mixed with any of these things.

I put my phone down (I was looking for a picture on it) and tried not to let my jaw hit the floor. You don’t need to be a dog expert to be able to tell a 12 pound poodly-mixy thing is not mixed with an Akita, do you?


Not a Chow Chow mix.

So, to end my rant before it goes on and on my friends: Dear Landlords of the world – stop being complete anti-rescue pricks with stupid pet policies. I would put up with the $1100 hole in the wall space and the no closets and the fact that I can’t even hang my own photography in my own home IF you would let me foster a damn dog. I’m trying to do the right thing here by fostering a pet and following the rules – why don’t you do the same?


I’m compromising on a lot – can’t you at least compromise on this?