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i think its time to breed my 1 yr old shepard – seeking dominant male

I wish I was making this up. Oh God, how I wish I was making this up. Unfortunately, I’m not, and this isn’t the first time I’ve seen a comment like this posted on Craigslist or a GSD forum, etc. etc. Actually, the problem has gotten so bad that a very popular German Shepherd group on Facebook recently instituted a rule that if you are going to post pictures or information on litter announcements you must also include the full registered name of the dam and sire and their OFA hip results.

Bravo to them.

But the idiots go marching on.

There are so many things wrong with this fourteen word “sentence” that I don’t even really know where to begin. Well, that’s a lie, I do. Let’s start with the spelling of the word “shepard”: This is quite simple. Sir, if you do not know how to properly spell the breed name of your dog, you should not be breeding her. You’re actually calling into question if you should own her.

Of course, there are lots of “sheltery” type reasons I could go into about why this idiot shouldn’t be breeding his pet dog, but I’ve talked about that before. Also, I’m pretty confident I could talk to this kind of person until I was blue in the face about the pet overpopulation problem and healthy adoptable animals being euthanized for space and play the ASPCA Sarah McLachlan commercial on repeat for an hour, and he STILL wouldn’t get it.

Seriously though, one year old? Is your dog even in heat? Do you even know what heat is? And why a “dominant” male? Is it because you saw Cesar Millan saying that humping is a sign of dominance so that must be good right – a dog that humps the crap out of stuff? He’ll hump your maybe-in-heat bitch and you can retire on puppy money?

One time, I saw a poster ask about breeding her female and when the rescue people caught wind and started ganging up on her about do you know if the pups will go to a good home, do you know if they’ll end up in a shelter, her response was simply, “I plan on keeping all the pups, thanks.”

Woah woah woah…excuse me? You plan on what? You do know that GSDs can produce up to like 12 puppies in a litter right? You’re going to keep 12 puppies? And the dam? Did I hear that right?

I started to type a response to that but couldn’t stop shaking my head long enough to even try.

The worst part about this is that no matter how much you rant and rave and try to explain and offer your thoughts and show them pictures of dogs on death row, they still do it. They still breed those dogs and sell their puppies for $50 on Craigslist (those who didn’t die at least) to randos who do God knows what with them.

And shelters and rescues get to clean up the mess when those poorly bred, undersocialized, aggressive puppies that you just had to have end up in our overcrowded, underfunded shelter system.

Thanks asshole, thanks a lot. Good luck with your shepard pups.


My poorly bred, undersocialized, medically challenged love button. But only to me and Joe. Otherwise, you’d best get out of Dodge.