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In what alternate reality does the head honcho of the ASPCA join ranks with the PIJAC, one of the leading lobby groups pushing against stricter regulation for puppy mills and major commercial breeders?

Well, apparently this one.

Zoo 37

Yep…you heard me right

For those of you who haven’t heard, Ed Sayres left the employ of the ASPCA last year following some debate over his $500,000 per annum salary (in case you were wondering what the debate was, it wasn’t enough money for Mr. Sayres – who said you can’t become a millionaire in nonprofit?). There was also some alleged internal strife among ASPCA board members regarding which legislation the ASPCA should be putting its money and its muscle behind and additional debate about the emphasis placed on fundraising over animal welfare. Well, you have to do a lot of fundraising to support Mr. Sayres’ salary and substantial perks and bonuses, I’m sure. As to the legislation issue, apparently we all now know where he lands on that issue.


Is it just me or is this dude starting to sound a little bit like this? Sorry, you know what, that’s very, very unkind to the snake.

So he’s going to go do battle with the likes of HSUS and his old employer, ASPCA, over puppy mills, of all things. As if he wasn’t unliked in the animal welfare community already. But I guess when you have a more than half a million dollar a year salary, you can just buy people to like you.

Nevermind the faces that depended on you to be their advocate.


One spot of good news – the ASPCA got rid of him and maybe they can save some money on paying someone a reasonable salary to get back to the animals.

If you’d like to read more about this change, check out this Philly.com article which is more level-headed than mine.