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Good news! We got an email from Jasper’s forever family, and it made my heart sing!

Unfortunately, no pictures were attached, but it sounds like he is doing fantastic!

Jasper’s family writes that he has free roam of the house all day and uses his free time to follow their cats around. They report that when he gets too close, they will hiss, and he will back off, but he’s getting closer inch by inch. They also say he seems happy and content and his pacing has disappeared (woohoo!) that he loves to give kisses (which we knew) and has met their children and grandchildren and all has gone well. He’s also bonding with his new Jack Russell Terrier brother Skibo and the two of them are already making mischief together (Jasper has learned how to open the run gate, so he can get himself and Skibo into the fenced in backyard for some bigger area fun (what a goon!)

So, all in all, our little foster baby seems to be doing just grand, as we all expected!

Meanwhile…in our foster forays, we are planning on taking in another shepherd in early April after Joe’s sister gets married at the end of the month. As we’ll be away five days for the wedding, we thought we would wait until we return to pull someone else. And of course we’ll have to find another good match, but we’re confident that we will and likely quickly at that!

Shelby and Panzer took Jasper’s missing presence in stride. Panzer didn’t even seem to notice, but Shelby still cocks her head when we say his name and whines a little, but not too much fuss with the two of them, so we think all things considered, this was a VERY successful foster experience! If all things could run so smoothly in life!

Shelby in sunset

Oh also, it’s very muddy here now that the snow has melted, but Panzer is happy to be able to find his ball for a change. My camera is out to be cleaned until early April (convenient timing right?) so I thought I’d grab some pictures of them before it went out. Other than that, life here remains normal and calm. Hopefully we can get back to herding soon, if the field conditions improve. Who knows, maybe we’ll even have a foster to take to the instinct test scheduled for April 12th!

Panzer with muddy ball