Please read and relate 😉 This is sooo true, everyone can do something!

Temporary Home, Permanent Love

It has been occurring to me more and more lately that I am failing the mission of this blog in not one, but two ways, and I think it’s time to address my shortcomings!  Tune in tomorrow to hear about how I am being a poor pit bull advocate.  For today though, I want to talk about how I am not being the best foster/rescue advocate I could.

Dog with a scarf.

So here’s the deal: lately quite a few people have made a variety of different comments to me that all allude to them feeling as if they just can’t make a difference themselves.  These comments have also lead me to believe that they think of any of us “rescuers” as more than just average people.  Since the ultimate reason I started this blog was to show that if I could do it, anyone could, this is very upsetting to me!  I know…

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