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Hey there! I know I haven’t posted an actual blog in a little while, but have no fears, I have one in the works! I’ve been super busy with the SPCA and also launching my new Facebook page for my upstart photography business! Please give Paws 4 The Moment photography a like if you get a chance (click on the name to go to the page!) Okay, enough plugging, onto the fabulous adoptable dogs of the Chester County SPCA!


Hillary is a sweet but shy girl who is currently available at the Chester County SPCA. She is recovering from a skin infection which is non-contagious so if you go to meet her, don’t be put off! She’s a big sweetie and warms up quickly and likes to give kisses. Please meet with her!


osie is a senior Chow Chow available at the Chester County SPCA who is having a rough go of it since being lost. She’s hoping that someone will come and take her home to a nice cozy couch and a warm bed sometime soon! Josie is very laid back, a gentle walker and a sweet companion. Please meet with her today!


Lance is a big doofy puppy who is available at the Chester County SPCA! He likes to play and has a ton of energy but he settles nicely once he gets his zoomies out (which doesn’t take too long). He’d really love to go home with an active family who will play with him and then cuddle with him. Another furry companion wouldn’t hurt either! Please meet Lance today!


HEDDDOOOO! I’m Marlboro and I’m available at the Chester County SPCA. I’m UBER laid back and love to get in your lap and cuddle. What? You say I’m too big to be a lap dog – nonsense, I fit JUST perfect! Won’t you take me home???

Paula D

Hello there! I’m Paula D and I’m available at the Chester County SPCA. Here I am displaying my EXCELLENT play bow! I looove to play even though I do look a little goofy when I run around (maybe a little crazy even) but it’s just my enthusiasm for life! I charge and then stop riiiight before I get to you and lean into you to get my cuddle on. Won’t you come take me home?


I is Sheila! I is available at the Chester County SPCA and I is a hound dog that loves her tennis balls and ropes and any things that you crazy humans can throw for me! I is a puppy with some puppy energy, but that is aaaa-okay as long as I find the right home with peoples to train me up real nice. I’m working on my manners here at the shelter – see is I sit so pretty like? But I’d really like a home of my own – complete with tennis balls and you crazy humans to throw them!