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August 23, 2013 Update – Levi, Snicker and Daisy have all been adopted!

Here are the more I promised! Oh and you’ll notice I added copyrights to these – trying to work on getting a real business started, but I have no website and no Facebook page (yet!) so if you try to look me up you won’t find me 🙂 What do you think? As usual all of the following dogs are adoptable from the Chester County SPCA.


Adele is a big sweetheart who loves attention and human companionship. She gets attached super quickly and immediately considers you “her” people. She is interested in playing ball but doesn’t want to get too far from you! She is a real Velcro dog. She would do best in a home without young kids and cats.


Brooke is a sweet cattle dog/PB mix (we think) and check out those EYES! She has a ton of energy and bounces like the mix we think she is. She’ll need an active family but previously lived with kids and dogs, so she’s in the know about domestic life.


Deuce is a young man who is working on becoming a gentleman at the shelter, BUT he would much prefer to learn with his new family please! He’s got tons of puppy energy, but he settles down with a nice cookie. He loves to chase the ball and pounce on toys too! Because of his energy the shelter is hoping he’ll go to a family with older kids who don’t mind a big lug like him!


Lucy says, “I can see I can see!!!” Lucy came to the Chester County SPCA with a condition where her eyelashes grew the wrong way! Thanks the volunteers, she was able to undergo surgery to have her eyes corrected and boy does she have spunk now! She is so excited to be pain free all she wants to do is zoomies!


Who ever said there are no small dogs in shelters? Well Chester County SPCA has a ton right now, including three Bichon Frises, one of which is Mr. Levi here! Levi is a bit shy but he’s got spunk! Because of his shyness the shelter is hoping to find him a family with no children.


Mario is a little pup who is actually kinda calm for a pup. He’ll need a home where he can work on his basic obedience and house training and will kids 8 and up.

Snicker and Daisy

Remember those small dogs we were talking about? Well here are two Bichons, Snicker and Daisy, brother and sister, just two years old with tons of spunk and cuddling ability! Daisy (the female) is a bit more rambunctious than her brother Snicker, who is a big lover and calmer. They don’t have to go together, but we would love it if they could!


Sprocket is a bouncy boy who doesn’t show as well in the kennel as he could! He has a lot of energy but also a lot of love! He wants to sit in your lap, cover you with kisses and then run around and chase some stuff! He’s a typical terrier with deep soulful eyes that will pull you in.

Stay tuned next week for more photos from Paws for the Moment Photography! Ha! I kinda like it!

Disclaimer: I have never nor would ever nor ever intend to accept or receive compensation for the volunteer work I do for the Chester County SPCA. All work done for the shelter is strictly free.