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If you don’t know Eileenanddogs (which you should), check them out! You’ll note the latest post is all about “Dog Faming”. Dog Faming is a response to the trend of “Dog Shaming” which you may have seen on Facebook and other such social media outlets. The dog shaming trend is admittedly, somewhat funny. I particularly like the photos which feature bright and smiling dogs standing in front of some disaster they’ve created. However, a lot of the “dog shaming” photos sometimes feature dogs who look downright terrified (presumably because they’ve just been punished for whatever “mess” they don’t recognize is a mess or they don’t associate with the punishment itself). I never could really get behind the dog shaming photos because of that. But ah ha! Eileen has a solution! Dog faming! You can see the spin off Facebook page here.

“Dog Faming” is the same concept, except instead of focusing on all the “bad” things your dogs do, you focus on the “good” things they do, and you put a sign up to show them off! Well, we all know how I like to show my dogs off, so I obviously was totally on board with this!

So I started to think on it. Well, my dogs can’t really do any “cool” tricks, but what they can do are practical things that I sometimes take for granted. Like, this, for example.


We Lie Down Outside the Kitchen While Mom Cooks (And Sometimes She Tosses Chicken!)

This whole “Dog Faming” thing made me really start thinking – with all their issues, my dogs spend A LOT of time working on “calm”. While this might not make them super stars at Freestyle or Agility, it makes them pretty awesome house companions. So I decided to get to work on emphasizing some of the simple (but important) skills I’ve taught them over their time with us. What about your four legged companions, what super star talents do they have?


I Used to Be a Big Mean TOY HOG! Well…I’m not Anymore! (P.S. I’m the Black Dog!)


I Self Soothe in My Crate (Really, I go for the Marrow Bones)


I Used to Bark at Every Noise and Thing Outside…Now I Sit Here Quietly! (For Cookies and Praise)