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Update: August 14, 2013 – The dogs in this post are no longer available.

Today I will be featuring two very special dogs who have been at CCSPCA for quite awhile waiting for forever.

ClydeClyde is a young man who is super photogenic and loves a good belly rub. He’s also very energetic and enjoys romps and playing ball. He could use some brush up on his manners (couldn’t we all) and has a tendency to get excited about new people (PEOPLE! I love people! Have I kissed you yet? No! Well GET READY!). He is a tad overzealous, but a good family with some training and consistency would most likely clear that right up! He would do best in a home with no cats and older children who can help him learn his manners!

PeachPeach is precisely her namesake – she’s a Peach. She’s also one of my personal shelter favorites, and I can’t believe she’s still there! She loves ball (if you couldn’t tell by the pictures above), but she’s also content to just curl up in your lap or chill nearby. She would be an absolutely perfect dog for just about any family, but the shelter is hoping to send her home with a family with older children (just like Clyde).

But if you want something really special, you could always just…take them both!

Clyde and PeachFor information on Clyde or Peach (or better yet both) please visit ccspca.org