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PA SB155 providing for a medical exemption to the rabies vaccine was passed this afternoon. When I heard the news, I immediately stopped what I was doing (eating) and got up and began to dance around the room. I grabbed Panzer’s paws (he was sleeping on the couch) and began singing to him, “Guess who will never get another rabies vaccine again? You won’t! No you won’t!”

Panzer grumbled and pulled his paws away and went back to sleep. Joe stopped, paused the movie and said, “What are you on about?”

I grinned and replied, “PA SB155 was passed today! It’s law! It’s law!”

Joe stopped, looked at me and said, “Where did you hear that? You can’t just believe whoever, where did you hear that?” His voice was insistent, almost pleading. I grabbed my phone and pulled the information up, and he looked at my phone, read carefully and then handed it back, “A year too late.”


True. A year too late for Smokey – but would we have listened? Did we even know? It may have been too late for Smokey before the vaccine was administered. We never could have known that he was going to become deathly ill before it was injected. We miss him, every day. But it was in his honor that I fought for this bill. And it isn’t too late for Panzer. IMG_0187

Panzer will never get another rabies vaccine so long as there is breath in my lungs (and his). He doesn’t need it and it could do more damage than good. He is safe now, safer than he ever has been, and I can breathe a little sigh of relief. But this bill, this triumph, this joy, it was for Smokey. So here I say, to you, my good boy, this one’s for you. May your memory never be in vain.

Smokey looking up