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Tomorrow morning Shelby and I are off to three fun-filled days of tending camp at Raspberry Ridge! Thank goodness! I could use the stress relief, and Shelby could use three unadulterated days of work! I’m hoping that we make lots of progress in our training and get her back to where she was before we took a break for the winter (my bad!)

We’ll also be visiting with one of my friends and her dog Shadow, who is attending tending camp for the week as well, so it will be good social interaction for Shelby. Hopefully all goes well, and we all learn a lot!

In honor of this very exciting event, I figured I’d post (repost really) some of my favorite herding photos from the last year (can you believe it!) of Shelby’s herding career!

It's hard to believe how far she's come in just six months time.


Here's Shelby leading the flock down the hill at one point in our training, with Carolyn driving them forward in the back.



That'll do Doodle, That'll do.

Stay tuned for more updates on the adventures of Shelby (and Shadow as a guest!) as they attend tending camp!