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Happy Friday everyone! For my final edition featuring the Chester County SPCA’s Forget Me Not Gala, I will be displaying the awesome animals of the party! Hope you enjoy!

Forget Me Not Gala 1 003

This lovely lab belongs to the gracious hosts of the Gala. The labs (there were 5) were a constant presence throughout the party!

Forget Me Not Gala 1 032

There were two demonstrations during the night, one from this Search & Rescue team, featuring this handsome West German Shepherd (the second pair even trained in herding with Carolyn as a bit of fun and a break from some of the work related stress)


Oh, here’s that duo now!


Let’s not forget all of the fabulous horses that attended the event!


The other demo of the night was from US Customs and their RESCUED (yep, that’s right) Beagles! Here is one seeking out contraband (fruits and meats) in one of the briefcases that was set up all over the event.


I told you I’d be featuring the mules! Here is Rosy! The way the mule cart worked was the two males in the back pulled the cart and the two females in the front steered, just like a rear wheel drive car! I bet they got around the bends better than my Mustang did though!


This is Roxy! Obviously pets were allowed and welcomed, especially by those of us who are more used to photographing animals than people!

White pony hooves black and white

Mule feet! I tried all night to get a good shot of hooves like this and it wasn’t until the very last time the mules walked by that I managed to get one that I could work with!

Prancing horses in BW

Dashingly dapper these two!


What’s that?


Last but not least, let’s not forget the Gala’s favorite carriage riding dog 😉 Admittedly a little nervous right here, but I think it was all the celebrity that was getting to him!

And that’s a wrap! Stay tuned next week for your regularly scheduled Photographer’s Favorites featuring the wonderful adoptable dogs, cats and other creatures of the Chester County SPCA!