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Today I continue my series on the Chester County SPCA’s Forget Me Not Gala. I’ll be featuring the people of the event!!! And tomorrow, last but certainly not least, I’ll get to what you’re really interested in – the animals!

First though, let me share with you some fun(ny) facts that I learned while driving to the Gala on Sunday night:

1. My GPS is the devil

2. Chester County is a HUGE county in Pennsylvania

3. Kennett Square is an absolutely lovely area to be lost in

4. Although lovely, the roads in Kennett Square are not meant for a Mustang which doesn’t handle well. In the words of Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear, “If you drive a muscle car and you try to go around a corner, you will hit a tree.” I didn’t hit a tree for the record, but I certainly didn’t make the better equipped cars behind me very happy going 15-20 miles an hour down winding, curving back roads – sorry to anyone who happened to be behind me!

Okay, now on with the photos!

Groom black and white

Okay so maybe some animals are going to find their way into these photos…this was one of my favorites of the night though.


I was definitely drawn toward the people in hats, no doubt about that, they were so…festive!


And the volunteer of the year award goes to…!


This lovely gentlemen asked me if his drink(s) should be in the photo, I said – it’s a party isn’t it?!


I got a little reluctance from this fine couple. The woman said it was more important that I photograph her mules – who I will feature tomorrow!


Of all the snazzy dressers of the night, I was drawn to this woman, she just looked so lovely.


This girl had a photographer’s eye, she set this up herself, and I just happened to be able to swoop in and take a better photo than a cell phone 🙂

Man with stogey black and whtie

What would a gala be without this man and his trusted steed?

Stay tuned tomorrow for the feature on the animals of the CCSPCA gala!