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Update, 6/4/13 – I figured I should start updating these every once in awhile…just in case anyone actually reads these πŸ˜‰ Piper and Julia have been adopted!

Update 6/6/13 – Bud has been adopted!

Update 7/31/13 – Everyone on this page except for Peach and Tikka have been adopted!

Update 8/14/13 – Peach has gone to rescue! Only Tikka is still available.

Hey all! So it’s that time again! And boy do we have a long one for you! It is super busy at the Chester County SPCA this time of year, and there’s a kennel full of dogs just waiting for forever (and cats too but sadly, I don’t have any to feature this week). And all day every day until Friday all the dogs have an adoption fee of just $25 for the Dogs Days of Summer promo! This fee includes spaying/neutering, microchipping, current vaccinations and of course, a best friend! For more information please check out the Chester County SPCA’s websiteΒ or visit them on Facebook.


Is that you forever? I thought I heard you. Let me introduce myself. I’m Layla and I’m a puppy! Duh! Here I am doing my best Doberman Pinscher impression. I’m a sweetheart, but I am a little shy and I will need a family that can help me improve my confidence and take me to super fun puppy classes – with clicks and treats maybe? I love learning here at the shelter! I love to play too! Rope toys are my favorite! I get along with other animals and kids over 5 years old. Please come and take me home!


Hi! I’m Bud! Pleased to meet you! I found myself at the Chester County SPCA because my owners were moving and I couldn’t go along. I’m a little on the older side (10, but don’t tell anyone) but I still have TONS of puppy energy and really love walks and staring at the window (I’m looking for forever, do you know what it looks like?) I really would prefer a home with older kids (maybe over 10?) because I’m not a huge fan of sharing my food (c’mon, you have to know what that’s like). I like cats though, which is a plus, in my opinion! If you’re looking for a forever just like me – maybe you should stop by CCSPCA and see me!


Howdy! I’m Diamond! I’m a sweet and playful dude who needs some training and basic manners (but I’m housebroken!!!) I would love an active family because I’m a young man who needs to play (see me in my cameo???) Please come and meet me and sweep me off my floppy ears, I mean, feet, I mean paws, I mean…you know!


I’m Liam and next is up is my sister Lola! We’re here looking for forever (like everyone I know!) I am a quiet boy and a little more timid than Lola, but that just makes my attention even more worth it! I love people but I will need some time to work on my social skills. Any chance you wanna take me home?


I heard you already met my brother Liam. Well I’m Lola! I am playful but like Liam, a little shy (but I’m less shy than he is). I love people when I warm up and I would do best in an experienced home where I can get lots of exercise and attention. Maybe with older kids? 12+ seems like a good age to me! Please come and see me!


Boy am I glad you’re here! Just like I was glad CCSPCA was there when they found me and brought me, I’m Lily! Don’t worry they’ve been doing a great job of taking care of me, but I’m really looking for a family all my own! For reasons unknown to them, I like women more than men, but I warm up, I just will need some help getting to know strange men. I like animals and kids too so besides my quirks I’m pretty easy breezy! Do you have a spot in your home for me?

Piper and Julia

I’m Julia (the black lab) and Piper (the Bichon) and we’re BONDED! I mean, really, would you tear us apart? Our family was moving to Sweden and couldn’t take us with, and after everything has changed so quickly in our lives, we really need to stick together – we’re all we have left! Maybe you could change some things for us? We’re really sweet and love to play and frolic! And look, you can dress us up! For this week only our adoption fee is $25 each!!! $50 for double the fun!!! Can you believe it? Jeez, we’re a cheap date…


Rawr! I’m Clover! Nice to meet you! I’m pretty much the perfect dog. Kids? No problem! Animals? Awesome! A forever family! Well you can see the expression on my face for that one! I’m getting adopted?! REALLY?! Please come and make my dreams come true, I’ll be waiting!


Dun dun na na! I’m ELMER! Check me out in my cape, I mean, shirt! Aren’t I handsome? I’m an older dude, but I’m a cool cat, I mean, dog. I belonged to someone at some point, but I got lost and found myself here. I’m hoping to find a new family soon! Because I’m getting just a tad bit grumpy in my old age I’m hoping for a family with at least older kids who will be gentle with me, but don’t think that means I’m slow or anything, because I’m not, I still have LOTS of energy and love to run around and play! And did I mention I look handsome in a Hawaiian shirt?


As you can see, I’m not only beautiful, but I’m a boatload of fun. My name is Peach and I’m as sweet as one too! I’m here because my human dad passed away and my human mom couldn’t take care of me anymore. I have lots and lots and lots of energy but it’s all positive vibes man, I just get excited so easily! That means I would do better in a house with kids 16+ and one with another fuzzy buddy might be awesome, maybe a playmate would help me burn off some of my energy? If you check out my profile at ccspca.org you’ll see I recently ran a one mile! Running buddy anyone? I’m your girl!


What a lazy summer day…oh, hello! I’m Phenox (pronounced Phoenix) but the shelter staff calls me Fifi or Fi. I’m a favorite here at CCSPCA and even though I really like all the people here, I would appreciate a home of my very own. See how chill I am? And I absolutely adore people, and belly rubs, and snacks and…my oh my, I’m getting carried away, I need to cool off…anyway, if you find yourself coming to visit me, please don’t be put off, I don’t like being in a cage very much, take me out! Take me out and you’ll see how I REALLY am! And better yet, take me home please!


My name is Tikka (pronounced “Ticka” by half the staff and “Teeka” by the other). Whatever way you want to say it is just fine by me though, because I just love being in the adoring eyes of people, and I love to give love back. I found myself here because my family didn’t have enough time to fully housebreak me, so I’ll need some help and patience with that and with some refresher obedience. I’m a little rambunctious so I would probably fit in perfectly with a family without kids or with kids that are in their early teens and up. Also, I know, don’t be mad, but I don’t like cats, so none of those for me please! Other than that I’m ready to go whenever you are!

To view the profiles of any of these dogs or any of the many other wonderful dogs available, please visit http://www.ccspca.org.