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Hey all and welcome to a new edition of Photographer’s favorites. This week, I’ll be featuring dogs (no cats this week sorry cat lovers) from both the Chester County SPCA AND a wonderful sweetheart looking for a home who is currently located in Brookhaven, PA. Enjoy!


Say hi to May! May is a very affectionate 2 year old GSD located in Brookhaven, PA who is looking for forever. May is great with strangers and currently lives with kids and cats. She is somewhat leash reactive but gets along with the neighbor’s dogs. She’s got tons of energy and could use a good run and more exercise. She pulls on the leash (silly girl) and jumps up (I just want a kiss), so she’ll need some training. May would do best being an only dog or in a home who knows the breed and could give her the training she needs to overcome her quirks. I love her! She is also almost that true bicolor, I’ll post another picture below of her whole body to show you! If you are interested in adopting May, please contact me via the comment section below. Thanks!


Striking, isn’t she?

Gia 3

Gia says, “Don’t cry for me, but I have a story”…Gia was abandoned by her former family in a fire. Fortunately, a wonderful neighbor came and saved her and turned her over to the Chester County SPCA’s care. Gia is a little timid (who wouldn’t be) and has some trust issues (somewhat obviously), but is a beautiful, calm girl who would do best in a quiet environment with children aged 12 and up who could understand her special needs.

Cash 1

In contrast to Gia’s calm and stately personality is this big knucklehead – Cash! Cash had me nearly in hysterical tears as he galloped around during our shoot. His antics never failed to bring a smile to my face (and I wasn’t having the best of days). He is super energetic and plays like a linebacker, so he’s looking for a home with kids aged in the teens and up.

Bellatrix 1

Bellatrix is one of those girls who just captures my heart. Her eyes say so much. This poor darling (thought to be a lab mix) was brought in as a stray and is slowly trying to learn to open up and trust (she seems to say to you, I want to be friends, but I’m not so sure). While the shelter recognizes not a lot of people would step up to the challenge, they know there is someone out there who is special enough to really allow Bellatrix to come out of her shell. Is it you? Bellatrix is looking for a home with kids aged 10 and up so she can get some confidence under her belt.

Samuel 2

This guy! This is Samuel, he’s a GSD mix (maybe Akita) and he’s showing off his multi-tasking face, which means his, I can sit on cue, chew a cookie and pose for the camera all at once face. He is an exuberant, handsome juvenile boy who is going to need some training to calm his wiggly butt down and turn him into the gentleman his breed(s) should be. He is looking for a home with kids aged in the teens (15+).

That’s a wrap for this week! I’ll be back next week with some new faces (and hopefully some new cats) looking for forever.

If you’re interested in adopting any of these pets (except May, contact me through the comments if you are interested in her) check out The Chester County SPCA‘s website for more information.