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The New Place was much better than the Old Place. The cages in the New Place were so big I could jump up on the walls and not hit my head, and there was a door at the back, that after I figured it out, I discovered lead me to a place the people called “Outside”. Outside was a little overwhelming at first. There were too many smells, it made my head spin. But it didn’t take me long to learn how glorious Outside was. I spent most of my time Outside, running up and down the cage, stretching my muscles, or just laying around, smelling the smells.

I got fed two times a day every day at the New Place, and it had a magic system where when I ran out of water, the people would come and take my bowl away. After a few minutes, the people would return and the bowl would be filled up again. I was never thirsty or hungry. All the other dogs in the New Place barked all the time, which I didn’t understand. Didn’t they realize how wonderful this place was?

The people in the New Place were like the First Person I’d met at the Old Place. They were all kind, and they never barked. They talked to me using their people speak and said things that made me feel good inside. When they came back with my water or food they would scratch my head and say pleasing things. And the First Person, she came to visit me too.

Other people came as well, and they were all like the New Place people. They would stop by my cage and pet me and say pleasing things. People of all sizes, shapes and colors, but they were all wonderful. I grew to love people.

K-9 was there too. She was in a cage right across from mine, so I could see her all the time. But K-9 didn’t seem to be enjoying the New Place. Some days, I would lie in my cage and just watch her, huddled in the corner, shaking, whining, howling. At first, I tried to get her to play by barking and jumping up on my cage, but she just sat there, quivering. I didn’t understand – didn’t she like the New Place?

The people were especially kind to K-9, but their voices always sounded sad when they said the pleasing things to her, and they smelled of fear. Occasionally, the people would try to put K-9 on a rope, but she never got up. Then one day, the people came and put me on a rope, but the rope was nice and didn’t hurt my throat like the rope at the Old Place. It was smoother, and it hooked to another thing the people would put around my neck. Those were the best days.

On those days, the people would take me and sometimes even K-9 and put us in a pen together which was Outside and let us play. The people had things they called “Toys” that made high pitched, exciting noises when the people pressed them. The people would throw them, and I would go get them because I felt like I had to, and the people would say pleasing things, which just made me want to go get the Toys more. K-9 never chased the Toys. But sometimes, when it was cooler Outside, she would play with me for a little while, and I would feel like it was the old days, in the Old Place.

A few days after my arrival, the people took me to another new place, but this place was not like my New Place. This place smelled funny and all the other dogs there seemed afraid. I tucked my tail and tried to lie down, so the people couldn’t drag me. But they put food in front of my nose, which I followed, and before I knew it, I was in the new, new place.

At the new, new place, there was a female person who was nice, but smelled funny and sort of scary. She pet me all over, but was a little rough. It was okay though, because the people I knew gave me treats and said pleasing things. The female person put something cold and metal smelling near my belly and spoke with the people.

Then the female person stabbed me in the foot, and then the back and took the rope away from the people I knew. I laid down, because I didn’t want to leave the people I knew. The female person knew that I couldn’t resist food though (how I don’t know) and used food to make me follow her.

When I woke up, the people I knew were there. They took me back to my New Place. I was sore in my back end, and there was a weird smelling thing around my head that made me run into things and spill my food and water.

After that day, I never felt quite the same way about K-9. She never smelled quite the same either, but I knew I still loved her.

I settled into my routine at my New Place. I ate, I napped, I ran Outside. The people cleaned my cage so it never smelled like urine and feces but always smelled like something that hurt my nose a little, but I didn’t mind so much. I watched K-9.

The days drew on, the Outside got hotter. I spent more time inside, because Outside started to hurt my skin. I panted. I drank a lot of water. K-9 didn’t.

I started to worry. The people spent a lot of time with K-9, saying pleasing things that reeked of fear and sadness. K-9 was barely eating or drinking, and nothing the people or I tried made her eat. She panted and howled and whined and quivered and that was all.

When the people took us to the pen Outside, she laid down like she didn’t have the energy to play even if she wanted to. I spent most of that time just lying with her, grooming her.

Then one day I woke up, and K-9 wasn’t howling or whining or quivering. She wasn’t moving. I barked at her, but she didn’t even look up at me. I barked again and again and still nothing. I jumped up on my cage and howled, but she still didn’t look up. I slammed my paws against the cage, which hurt my feet which had softened over time in the New Place, but still nothing.

Some people came over and looked from me to K-9’s cage. Rain started coming from one of the female people’s eyes. I didn’t know people could rain inside until then.

The people went into K-9’s cage and picked her up, which I thought was strange, since she didn’t normally let the people near her. With rain still coming from her eyes, the female person carried K-9 down the hall of barking dogs. I never saw K-9 again.