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Today would have been Dusty’s first birthday had megaesophagus not taken her life at 10 weeks. The following is a celebration of the impact that her few weeks had on our lives. To Dusty, Jasi and Mia, may you romp young and healthy forever.

We loved you from the moment we saw you. We knew right away we wanted to bring you home.

It’s a good thing you didn’t get car sick because we had a 10 hour drive to bring you back to Pennsylvania!

Of course the trip was so long because we had to stop and play and potty every few hours! It was worth it though.

That pink puppy was the first toy I bought you way before you were even born.

Daddy put you in a beer box and gave you to me as a present – a Dusty in the box!

You and your silly pink puppy

Remember your play date with Gordon? He slobbered all over your head and you weren’t so sure about him at first.

You were sure about Smokey though. You loved him from the very beginning. You followed him everywhere, and he took you under his wing right away.

Like I said, you would have been an excellent free shaper!

When we found out you were sick daddy immediately started building you a Bailey Chair to help you eat better, and mommy got to work on making it more comfortable for you.

I know it wasn’t fun to eat like this, but it was supposed to help keep you strong. You were a good sport.

After we found out you were sick you became a sleep in the bed dog. Daddy even built you steps so you could get into bed better. You figured them out right away too, what a smart puppy.

We made sure to let you live life to the fullest extent possible, so when we got snow in early October we took you out in it to play, even though everyone was a little worried it would make you sick.

I’m glad I got to see your ears up.

He misses you Dusty, we all do.

Night night angel, and happy birthday.