Week One – Day 3: The Grieving Process

The numbers are counting up again, as they should. One day closer to healing, one day closer to normalcy. I started this blog to write about Dusty, and I intend to keep writing about her, even though she isn’t with us any longer. I write because I have no choice (someone famous said that, I think Isaac Asimov), and it is helping me get through the days without her.

I will write about Dusty until I am whole again, but I will never forget the impact she has made upon me, even with her little life. I miss her. I don’t know how to put it differently, to make it seem more profound, to make it sound like it feels. It’s easier during the day, when I’m busy working, but at night and in the morning it’s too quiet. I just want to sleep. Sleep until I wake up, and God has brought my puppy home, or brought me to her. I don’t, of course, I get up and go to work and try to act like normal. But every night, I cry myself to sleep, and I wake up crying.

So I will keep writing, until I wake up.